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Beside The Brook

Beside The Brook
Another tunnel plunged the train into darkness. The steady rhythm of the steel wheels against the tracks echoed back from the concrete walls as Kirsten momentarily caught her own reflection in the window. This was most off putting. One minute she was gazing at the raging ocean of the South Island's East Coast and the next minute all she could see was her face, complete with an unruly mop of flaming hair, staring back at her.

She sighed and looked around at the other passengers. It had been four hours now, surely they must be near their destination. However she suspected it would be at least another hour before the train stopped in Blenheim, for they had to travel inland before they got there.

Kirsten unfolded the letter she had tucked into the back pocket of her jeans and read the words again. The creases in the page were dangerously close to ripping from being taken out so many times. Everything had happened so fast that she had to keep looking at the letter to remind herself it wasn’t a dream.

Dear Kirsten,

I have much pleasure in announcing that you have been chosen for the position of Nanny with our household. Needless to say Sarah is excited to meet you. We hope you will be able to join us in no longer than two weeks. This, we feel sure, will give you time to get acquainted with our family before Sarah resumes her lessons.

As I previously explained, when we met in person last week, the room we have for you is fully furnished, but please feel free to bring your own comforts. The days of work as I have also explained will be Monday to Friday, but I hope you will be flexible with these to fit in with our busy lifestyles here.

I have enclosed enough funds for you to get as far as Blenheim on the train (the bus is so uncomfortable) and I will meet you personally once you confirm your date of arrival.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me directly.

Kindest Regards,

Elizabeth Ainsley-Frampton

Kirsten curled the letter back into her pocket as the train whipped from the end of the tunnel, into daylight once more.

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