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Excuse Me

Excuse Me
“Excuse me, did you drop this?”

Sasha thought it was a rather obvious question as she turned to face the man who had asked. How annoying could one person be? Did you drop this? Of course she dropped the money. Wasn’t he standing in line right behind her? Didn’t he see her bend to catch the coins before they tinkered onto the floor and rolled away from her grasp? Why was Monday morning always a nightmare?

But as the face came into view, Sasha lost all train of thought, and anything that was adding to her frustration of being late for work, on the first day of the week, just melted into oblivion.

He was a poster pin-up sight in the morning glow of the small coffee shop. His warm brown hair was haloed by the sun, which slanted through the venetian blinds behind him, making him look somewhat angelic. He had the greenest eyes Sasha had ever seen, reminiscent of staring into the cool depths of an emerald lake. When he smiled his teeth were straight rows of polished pearls, a small dimple creasing the edges of his mouth. His skin was the colour of burnt honey; his arms covered in fine golden hairs, and long tapered fingers to finish large, labouring hands. His white t-shirt, possibly one or two sizes too small, framed his muscular torso, extending down into a pair of work overalls he had tied around his waist with the empty arms.

Sasha smiled. “Yes, thank you.” She reached out to take the coins. As she moved to pull them from his grasp he clamped his hand over hers, letting his own fingers run softly down the length of her hand. Before she could control it she let out a small gasp. He was smiling, teasing her so obviously, as he let his hand drop to his side once more.

“You’re welcome.” His voice was like molasses, oozing words in velvet tones only Sasha could hear. Self-consciously she glanced around at the queue to see if anybody else was watching them. The other people in line were oblivious to their existence, all focused on their own agendas of getting coffee and bagels and heading off to work. Quickly she spun round and faced the front of the queue once more, her cheeks rising to red with embarrassment.

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