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Broken Angel 2 - Angel Returns

Broken Angel 2 - Angel Returns
Going back to work at a knock shop, a life that was as distant to me now as a faded dream from childhood, was a tough adjustment. Don’t get me wrong. Things had never been easy on the farm, or with Bryce. Sometimes I wondered how I would get enough food on the table for all of us. Taxes were crude and money was for those who were corrupt or unjust. I never had worked out what category whoring fell into, but I think it was probably both. With my father safely out of the way, placed in a home, I turned my attention to appeasing the debt I had scored from Savage. Bryce, of course, was my motivation. He would have hated me to think that way, knowing I was back there because of him—for him—but it was too late now. The chain of events I had set in motion were already on a slippery slope. I knew I would have to make friends with the young men who worked the door. The one thing you learn when you work in a brothel is what you need to do to stay safe. This meant working out who you needed to get onside to ensure that happened. The guy who was responsible for tearing some asshole from your room at two in the morning, was the first one you needed. Brad McIntyre was the second man you greased up. I already had that covered. I still had Mack under my thumb from last time. Mack was the guy you ran to for anything and everything. He was the go between guy. If you wanted drugs, he could get them. If you needed tampons in the middle of the night, you went to him too. With a word in Mack’s ear you could have the guy who gave you a black eye the night before turned into pulp. Mack adored his girls and he was like our big brother. I’m pretty sure the only way he had survived so long with Savage is because they didn’t compete. Savage had his pick of the women, but Mack’s interests lay elsewhere. He was no threat to the big man who ruled the roost. He helped me haul what little possessions I had carried with me up the dark, narrow stairs. In the daylight the place smelt like stale alcohol and salty smoke. “You sure you wanna do this?” he asked me now as he poked through the keys on a large brass chain and found the right one. I gave a shaky smile. “It’s a bit late for that question now. You could have asked me before I went into that room again.” I nodded my head across the hallway. The double doors to Tony’s little slice of heaven were still firmly shut. “Angel, if there’s one thing I know about you it’s this. Once you’ve made up your mind to do something, ain’t nobody can say anything that will make you change it.” “You say that as if it’s a bad thing.” I grinned. Despite the fact my heart felt like a lead weight in my chest, it was good to be back in Mack’s company. He was like a tatty old pair of pyjama pants you just couldn’t bring yourself to throw away. I watched him unlock the door and swing it open.
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