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Broken Angel 1 - Jia's Sacrifice

Broken Angel 1 - Jia's Sacrifice
The earth groaned beneath us. Sometimes I swear I could feel its pain. Years of war and human abuse had ravaged our lands and our people. I lay awake at five o’clock in the black of the morning; almost able to feel the ground turning beneath me, wondering how the hell I got here. Then I felt Bryce reach for me, as if his own pain had called him out of the darkness. Or was it the other way around? His fingers trembled, as if some horrid dream had just released him from its grip. It was the worst time of the day for him, but the best time of the day to be with him. I loved these warm moments, before day came upon us. I spooned back into him and let his arm grip my waist, tight, his fingers digging into my ribs. “Bryce?” “Yeah?” His masculine frame against me was hard and warm in my big bed. God, there was nothing better than this. My heart ached when I thought of it. I loved him, with all my being, especially in moments like this. But he was not mine. He still belonged to someone else. His family, whose memory haunted him day and night, so much so he sought other means to forget them. He pulled away slightly, and his fingers traced the outline of the dark ink, down from my shoulder blades to the small of my back. I shivered at his touch. He pushed himself into me once more, his legs against mine in gentle demand. I bent forward and let him slip between my legs. His fingers rubbed me and I moaned as he pushed one wantonly into my vagina. I felt his breath, hot on my ear, then moving over my back, biting my shoulder, his hands teasing me. He moved away and I rolled onto my back, arms raised as he crawled over me. Soft moments of light crept in around the corners of the curtains as day broke outside. “That wasn’t what I meant.” I smiled as he moved down over my body.
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